Y is an artist residency based in Athens using mobility as a tool for artistic experimentation and social engagement.

We provide accommodation and working spaces for international and local applicants along with a shared space which may be used on a project basis by our residency program participants, as well as by local or visiting individuals, groups or initiatives for production, research, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, performance and presentations.

We envision to broaden our program and to expand our partnership with local and international people, initiatives and organizations. Read more about our vision here.


Responding to the needs of our times, artists are challenged to operate in a global scale. The globalization of local knowledge and the wide propagation of ideas through the Internet or other international networks, has significantly affected modern thought and artistic practice, while simultaneously provides artists with the opportunity to diffuse their work to a global audience. Under these circumstances, each artist becomes less dependent to national attributes and more receptive to global concerns and contributes to the formulation of a new language, which is to play a promising role.

Within this global mobility scheme – as it is expressed either through art foundations hosting artists from abroad who act at a local level and exhibit their work, or through the artists themselves who are expanding their global presence – we invite applicants to critically consider and reflect on the event of mobility in relation to modern issues of survival, in whichever form they might be expressed, as immigration, gentrification, discrimination, civil rights, etc.

About Gyzi

Y residency is located in Gyzi, just a 15-min walk away from the center of Athens. Gyzi used to be a traditional middle-class Athenian neighborhood, with a buzzing local economy and a rapid construction boom. During the last years of the economic crisis it underwent a large scale transformation. Read more about Gyzi.

Artist-in-residence Program

Y Residency supports talented emerging artists, curators and critics from all over the world, engaging the field of Contemporary Art, by providing a fertile and supportive working environment. For more information on our AIR Program click here.


Y offers a platform open to public activities, lectures, workshops, discussions, screenings, performances and presentations. Each year, Y will focus on specific topics of interest and will invite people from diverse backgrounds and origins to give talks, presentations and lectures.  We encourage our artists-in-residence to engage and shape our activity agenda.

Moreover, Y fosters the interconnection of theory and practice. We believe that theory and practice are necessary to each other and work complimentary. Y will invite theorists and practitioners to collaborate in LABς that are based on experimentation and to co-create towards the idea of social transformation. Through this effort, Y seeks to create an ongoing conversation of art with a broad spectrum of disciplines, such as anthropology, architecture and philosophy.

Get involved -> suggest a talk, presentation, lecture, workshop, lab, action. We support initiatives that promote interdisciplinarity and we encourage people with diverse interests and backgrounds to propose their own formats and ideas. Send us your activity proposal, a timeframe and a bio.

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