Anne-laure Franchette

Anne-Laure Franchette is a French artist based in Zürich, Switzerland. Her production explores cultural perception, categorisations, cycles of production and misappropriation. Her current research looks at the systems of meaning that have been impressed upon nature, flora, and seeds throughout eras of imperialism, colonialism, and globalization. More specifically, common perceptions and representations of nature being “neutral”, “passive” and “decorative”.

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Olivia Wiederkehr

Olivia Wiederkehr is a visual Artist based in Zurich (CH). She holds an MFA in Fine Arts from ZHdK (Zurich) and previeously studied Fine Arts and Scenography in Basel (CH) and Berlin (D). In her performative and installative settings, she explores the correlation between historical, functional and social spaces, also within their conception and impacts towards each other. In these forms, she reflects on identity and ranges of human feelings in her site-specific installations and performances.

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Danielle Zorbas

Danielle Zorbas (1979, Sydney) is a greek-australian video maker and creative practice PhD candidate engaged in collective and fluid meaning-making through direct and amateur abstraction of cinema genres, tropes and affects.

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Meredith Nadler

Meredith Nadler is an American artist, modern dancer and choreographer who has been working in the realm of contemporary art, dance, theater and film in Europe and around the world. Her artistic vision as a choreographer and artist is to explore the human condition through prisms of movement, sound and visual experimentation.

Her works have been curated and produced by the EU Arts Council, the European Capital of Culture, Grand Theatre of Luxembourg, the Senate of Berlin, the International Artist’s Museum, Uferstudios Berlin, the New Synagogue of Berlin, the Netherlands Noorderzon Festival, the European Association for Jewish Culture, the Ministry of Culture of Mexico, the German Cultural Fund, the NYC Fringe Festival as well as foundations, arts residencies, galleries and indpendent theaters across Europe and the US.

She is currently working on a new project that explores the potential of 3-D interactive technology in relationship with dance and live music. This project was initiated in conjunction with the artist Stephane Flesch at the Potsdam Design and Technical University, in Germany and further developed and performed as part of a artist-in-residency at the Trafo Theater in Budapest with the generous support of the Workshop Foundation.

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Mirela Baciak

Mirela Baciak (born 1987 in Warsaw, based in Vienna) is a researcher in the field of visual arts. She graduated from the Art University in Poznan, currently studies Master‘s program Critical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She was co-curator of the exhibition Prosperous Poison. On the Feminist Appropriation of the Austrian Unconscious, 2015-16 Mumok, Vienna; associate editor of the publication I Can’t Work Like This: A Reader on Recent Boycotts and Contemporary Art (2017); works as a curatorial assistant for an exhibition Everything is getting better. Unknown Knowns of Polish (Post)Colonialism, 2017, SAVVY Contemporary Berlin and co-teacher for the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg.

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Ivana Tkalčić

Ivana is a visual artist from Croatia. In her work she recycles documents, photographs and objects with sentimental value and transforms them into new objects. The image is as the work achieved at a glance. The objects that are created in the process of her work  are visually unified by the modified elements and objects whose vibrations are still present. In her work she often uses objects or elements of artistic value. She aims to emphasize the personal perception, the experienced or observed reality​.​

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Alexis Paul

Alexis Paul (aka Saudaa Group) is a musician who, for the past year, has been traveling around the world with his barrel organ. The last stop of his trip is in Athens, at the Y Residency, in December 2016.

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Emma Benestan

Emma Benestan is a director and editor, currently in residence at the Y. She is working on the script of her new feature film.

Born in Montpelier, Emma grew up in the south of France. After studying at la Femis in the department of editing, she turn​ed​ to writing and co-writing on others projects. Her short movies: Touch the horizon, Summer of Sarah, Taste of love and Petite sauvage (Little wild girl) were screened in several festivals. She also does workshops with teenagers, in particular with the Association “1000 visages”.  These workshops feed her writing. Questions about immigration and social issues are very present in her movies, especially at the fragile stage of adolescence.

Tristan Bera

While drifting through the imported, nonetheless acclimatized…

Vincenzo Fagnani & Tana Santos

Vincenzo Fagnani and Tana Santos (aka Mouselephant) are two visual artists from Italy and Argentina. During their residency at Y, in October 2016, they worked on a large project titled “The Sea After Crisis: Reality is amorphous. Ethics is graphics”.

More works from Mouselephant

Laura Ruiz & Nora Aurrekoetxea


Nora Aurrekoetxea and Laura Ruiz, are graduates of Fine Arts from the Universty of the Basque Country, in Spain.

They have worked as an artistic duo since 2010.

Nora is a founding member of OKELA, the factory of cultural creation and management, while Laura is also part of OKELA’s network of artists.

They won the Daniel Txopitea Scholarship and continue to develop the project they began at BilbaoArte, thanks to the Grant for the production of Visual Arts funded by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.

Antoine Danis

Antoine Danis

Antoine Danis is a french documentary film maker from France. During his residency at Y he worked on his documentary :“Athènes Rhapsodie“, which was selected and funded by the program “Louis Lumière”.

Athènes Rhapsodie“ is currently being screened at international film festivals.

Marc Samper Vidal

Marc Samper Vidal is a visual artist and film-maker based in Barcelona, Spain.

He is currently working on his film “Marathon”.