AIR Program

How to apply

Y Residency supports talented emerging artists, curators and critics from all over the world, engaging the field of Contemporary Art, by providing a fertile and supportive working environment.

The Program is open to all artistic, curatorial and critical practices.  However, we encourage work that utilizes unconventional structures such as collaborative projects, socially and politically engaged practices, alternative spaces and economies, urban intervention.

How do I apply to the Artist-in-Residence Program? To apply for the Artist-in-Residence Program, please submit the following materials via email to

1      Artist statement

2      CV

3      Personal work (digital files, pdfs, and website links are appropriate, portfolio or prints)

4   Statement about funding support (for example, identification of funding entity that can be approached to support your residency, or statement of fiscal responsibility by the artist)

Q and A

Am I eligible for the Artist-in-Residence Program? For open calls, the Artist-in-Residence Program accepts applications from working artists or students. The program emphasizes support for emerging and mid-career artists, but is open to established artists as well. Occasionally, we work with art curators, writers, performance artists, and musicians, although we primarily support visual artists. For field-specific artist calls, more requirements might apply.

What countries do you accept artists from? The Artist-in-Residence Program is open to artists from all nations worldwide.

How are artists funded for the Artist-in-Residence Program? Each resident must be funded in order to participate in the program. If funding is not identified through partner organizations, artists may also be self-funded, meaning that they cover the basic costs of the residency.

Do you pay for travel costs or provide artist stipends? Visiting artists travel costs and stipends are provided by the foundation or government agency funding their residency. Self-funded artists do not receive travel costs or a stipend and are expected to cover their travel costs.

I am looking for creative office space – do you rent office space? We do not currently offer office space to non-residents.

What is the duration of the Artist-in-Residence Program?  The program duration may vary from 1 to 6 months.

How many artists are accepted to the Artist-in-Residence Program? We can host up to 4 residents at a time.

How far in advance do I need to apply? Artists applying for open calls are required to apply within a given deadline. Otherwise, artists are encouraged to apply at any moment.

What is provided in the Artist-in-Residence Program? Residents are provided with a fully equipped living/working space, wireless internet, laundry, full kitchen and full bath Each room has a different configuration and is fully furnished. The working space can hold events such as presentations, lectures or studio visits. Residents are given access to audio/visual equipment, as well as meeting space. Artists are fully represented on our website and event postings.

Do you provide visas for international artists? Our Artist-in-Residence program does not provide visas, however, we will provide international artists with an official letter of invitation that may be used to obtain a visa or other necessary documents.