At Y, we see Greece as the intersection between Eastern and Western cultures due to its geopolitical location, and we focus on the metropolis of Athens as the setting of a unique mobility phenomenon. This phenomenon is being triggered by severe political and social transformations, which occur both as aftershocks of the economic and social crisis and as processes of global change.

Y functions as a lab that channels global concerns to a local level and vice-versa, and by promoting critical thought and artistic production it considers the future of the city and wishes to fabricate its civic web. We see Y as a “new third space” that facilitates the encounter of artists with diverse backgrounds and origins, broadens mentality and identity, and fosters the reexamination of the role of the arts towards the concern of social transformation with a beneficial impact.

In that sense, Y’s aim is to diffuse its mental and tangible elaborations to the urban landscape by researching and interviewing, connecting and engaging, working with neighborhoods and public space, reactivating abandoned spaces, interacting with the everyday life, and challenging the Imaginary of each individual separately and society as a whole.

We prompt cross-disciplinary work and we seek to collaborate with artists, critical thinkers, historians, anthropologists, urban planners, architects, linguists and translators, and creative people in order to research the future of the city and co-produce and shape the vision of Y residency. Topics such as utopia-dystopia, public space and the everyday life, art and effectiveness, social and geopolitical borders are at the epicenter of our interests.

People who are interested to get involved are strongly encouraged to apply to our residency program or contact us individually. Applicants are selected on merit, creativeness and experimentation, and in relation to the Y’s thematic focuses.